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Have fun with your team and collaborate with non-designers using Adobe Spark. While marketing channels and automation tools are growing, marketers’ duties are converging. Adobe’s free Adobe Spark and Page are digital design tools built for collaboration with templates for the beginner.  

Why does a designer use this?  

To go fast, quickly size and brand digital art and collaborate. Adobe’s case studies tell stories of increased production speeds and collaboration in the working style we learned during Covid quarantine.

How it works

Adobe Spark keeps you on your brand. You can create several brand libraries with logos, design elements, colors, and fonts. The online program also uses a design auto-generator, and while fun, it is a bit too clever. Creating and using your own branded templates may be the answer.  

I found these approaches can help to work with design automation, which can be difficult at first. The program makes you feel as if you should start with choosing an existing design, but I find the trick is to plan the work, understand the interface, then use this program’s design intelligence to help you find a new solution, but only when you are not satisfied.

Create with design automation for digital ads

  • Plans or sketch the elements for your digital ad.
  • Collect the images in CC Lightroom libraries, upload pictures, choose free, or purchase stock art right in the app. For a collage, make images as background by toggling the button, then you can use the auto-suggest for layout.
  • Add text, icons, logos, or other design elements and tweak your design. You can make a copy and play with some of the design automation tools if things are not coming together as you hoped.
  • Once happy with your design, download and create a template out of it for next time.
Start designing now here:

Start with a template

Premade templates are easy for holiday and seasonal themes. You can create speedy graphics for social media.

  • Pick a template
  • Find & place images – I love using my Lightroom library and free images
  • Update message
  • Update brand with the automatic brand design tool, or pull in a logo from the Brand icon on the left menu
  • Then tweak
Starting with a Template in Adobe Spark

A simple tool use for sizing for social media

  • Use to size your image for the web; the program has templates for most social media
  • Add pictures to a Lightroom folder
  • Pick the template you need
  • Add a logo

Start designing now here:

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