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Music Writing and Production Services by Richard Earnst, REKSongs.  Read the blog post about custom music.  Hear and see a custom music production below.

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* Music Writing and Production Services by REKSongs. Richard is a singer/songwriter.  Prices/hour.  A two-minute original composition will take 2 days.

Professional production, mixing, and mastering

Richard’s passion is music, for decades. His fondest memory was when his dad brought him home drum sticks when he was small. He started when he was five. Richard has a degree in piano and is a singer-songwriter. He would love to score your video.

Name your genre

He can create original music compositions for a view, animation, or game. A master of genre, you specified the beat, the style, the length. He will score your video. He will play keyboard, acoustic or electric guitar himself, and an unlimited number of instruments can be included.

Items required

  1. Describe what you need
  2. Send a Sample song and style

Package includes

  1. Mixed and Mastered Track
  2. Separated Multi-Tracks/Stems
  3. Wav-24, MP3 320 Kbps
  4. FL-Studio 20.8 Project File (for learning purposes)
  5. UnMastered Wav
  6. MIDI
  7. Commercial use allowed

Original Composition by Singer-Songwriter, Richard Ernest of REKSongs.

This is an original song and production by Richard.  

The Intro and Outro where music design by Richard.

Choose An Option

Mastering, Original Composition, Sound Editing, Voice Over


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